Steve, I am very troubled about a vision I had last night. Have been seeking the Lord about this for the last couple of hours, and cannot disregard it. I keep getting verification in my spirit of the vision, but I also asked the Lord if this vision was from Him, to confirm it.

Also, I have asked why He showed it to me. When and where - what did He want me to do. The only answer I received was - to warn His people. I have no other answer.

During my prayer time last night, in the vision I was taken to a classroom. The children were there, so was the teacher, it was during class. I seemed to be invisible to them, and stood off to the side of the room to watch why I had been taken there.

Of course, I had read the Alerts and Dreams/Visions sections of your web site about possible attacks on school children. Because of this, I was listening and watching for an alarm to go off, for the children to be evacuated, for any kind of commotion. But nothing like that happened, they just kept having class. So I really wondered why I was there - what was I to see?

After a while I noticed that the children and the teacher were no longer sitting up - they were slumped over their desks. I wondered what had made them so sleepy (I assumed they were asleep). But then I realized that they had died. What horrified me was not just this tragedy, but also that, with all being dead including the teacher, there was nobody to alert anyone on the outside. They would only be found like this some time later - everything was so quiet! SQ-I RECEIVED THIS AFTER I HAD POSTED IRS STORY AND FELT PROMPTED TO WARN PARENTS TO KEEP THEIR CHILDREN HOME NEXT WEEK DURING GRID EX EXERCISE WHICH COULD GO LIVE-THIS SISTER IS A FULL TIME INTERCESSOR AND HAS THE GOODS!

I asked the Lord what had happened, and the answer was "cyanide."
Steve, I knew in my mind that what happened must have been caused by a gas. But all I was familiar with in regard to this poison were the pills or capsules, and that from news reports in past years. But the web has enough information about this as a gas as well that I am genuinely concerned.

A bit later on I also - in a vision - saw the parents coming into the school. Mothers fainted, I do not know if it was from the gas residue or from finding the children.

Again, what I heard was a warning to God's people. And please, Lord Jesus, if this is indeed a vision from you, confirm it through others and show us what to do to counter-act it.

Nov 10, 2013

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