Famine Approaching Fast! Update on outrageous Fruit Prices in Upstate New York

Here's an update on outrageous fruit prices in my area here in Western NY. As I reported to you three weeks ago, this area got hit with a double whammy to our local crops. First, the late freeze we had in late April wiped out up to 90% of our local fruit harvest that cost our farmers millions of dollars! Then we did suffer some loss of crops from the drought, but our corn crop did quite well. Selling for about twenty five cents an ear locally, compared to other hard hit areas where corn is selling for up to a dollar an ear.

I'm a huge apple eater and I always buy about 125 pounds of apples that lasts me about two months as I eat about 4 to 5 apples a day. I went to my local fruit farm to purchase some apples and they told me they have a very limited supply. Last year apples cost me just 60 cents a pound. This year they want 1.99 a pound! One large apple weighs 9 to 10 ounces and that is MORE than a dollar an apple since 16 ounces equals a pound. I wasn't going to pay 250.00 dollars for 125 pounds of apples! Last year I paid just 75.00 dollars for 125 pounds. Less than 1/3 the cost.

So I went to the public outdoor market in my area to check their prices. Most farmers were selling mostly small apples in small quantities of 10 for 7.00 dollars or 5 apples for 3.50. So .70 cents for a small apple that weighed less than half a pound was about the same price for the bigger size apples sold at the local fruit farm. I couldn't find a farmer that would sell their apples in a much larger quantity because large quantities didn't exist! The only way the farmers can make a profit is by selling small quantities at outrageous expensive prices.

So I then went to Tops Market in my area to check their prices. I was floored when I saw their price for a pound of Gala or Red Delicious apples were 2.99 a pound! These apples were waxed and old looking. I can't comprehend paying 1.50 for a waxed old nasty apple! Also the prices for peaches, nectarines, cherries, plums or any other fruit that grows on a tree here are more than TRIPLE from last years prices. It is so hard to believe that the price for fruit here could skyrocket over 300% from last year!

Watchman Nathan Leal mentioned in a dream he had back in 2009 that it cost 30.00 dollars for a cafeteria meal sometime in the future after the economy crashed. I think that we are going there very soon. Prices are soaring for food almost daily on most everything we buy! I went into prayer about this insane food inflation and the Lord directed me to read JOEL Chapter One in its entirety which clearly explains about the crop devastation from drought, fires, floods and freezes. It also mentions locusts which I believe might happen soon to the crops that survived. It warns the farmers that they will weep and and howl from the judgement of the LORD! Even livestock is mentioned to perish in the first chapter of JOEL. It also mentions in verse 19 that the pastures and fields are devoured by flames which may take place in the near future as this drought rages on.

God's judgement is increasing in this nation and the famine is intensifying with a vengeance! We all need to be on our knees praying that the Lord will be providing food for all of us in the upcoming days of famine. It is clear that the Lord is taking away the food supply for the vile hideous sins of this nation, especially the leaders of this nation which are a bunch of Lucifer worshiping joker tut's! By calling good evil and evil good and eliminating God from our school prayers, the courthouses, public places and almost everywhere they are banning praying in the name of JESUS! These vicious tares are going to the lake of eternal fire! We have lost this country along with God's protection. Do not pray for this country which is controlled by a bunch of satanists on the verge of total destruction, but pray for your family members, and your own individual protection and guidance of the Holy Spirit for the Lord to provide and cover us all under His wing. We also pray for the protection of "The Watchman", which includes, Steve Quayle, The Hawk, Greg Evenson, Rick Wiles, Nathan Leal and many others! We pray this in JESUS name, Amen.......

Aug 21, 2012

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