Thanks Steve for your coverage of the Typhoon a few days ago here. A couple notes of interest:

"Forget the Philippines reporting agencies.
They're completely worthless. According to what I observed by the JTWC
reports, my wife and as many family members as I could afford, would
have been long gone from that area. At 3 AM, just hours before landfall,
JTWC was reporting ACTUAL 201 MPH sustained winds, 235 MPH gusts, and
50' waves at 2 AM. Why this was played down I have no idea. But the
exact same thing happened with the last one, which I also watched play
by play with disbelief".= A COMMENT from a military friend of mine who watched things in real time from Hawaii.

YES! it was played down as to how severe it would be and some feel this was done not to overload boats and flights by people leaving prior to the storm - but why?? Even our own 'US Embassy and other warning systems did NOT do an adequate job in my opinion to alert us (am I surprised - well NO). (I was in Cebu and minor damage for me)

AND - while the news photos are awful about the bodies and all it worse than you can imagine in some areas. Still many are without food, water, communications, etc. Relief convoys are mobbed unless they have a military escort. Normally GOOD people resort to doing awful things when no food water and help. Your item "WE are not looters" of a day or so ago is so correct- good people resort to even stripping bodies in these times.

I have been in Somalia and Cambodian refugee program and Bangladesh floods in major relief efforts and from what I can see this is worst ever due to total destruction in the areas that were hit. The people here are used to hardship in living and storms yet the magnitude has overwhelmed them and relief efforts.

lessons to learn:
1. The average even somewhat prepared American could not face this emotionally as well as physically. I regret to say most people do NOT really consider spiritual prep.
2. A small "grab and Go' bag with minimal essentials, water, candle, poncho, and a few other items would make the difference between possible death and minimal life for a few days.
3. As Hawk says "those who have ears let them hear" - may they hear and see AND take action.

Thank you very much for your efforts to alert us to what is coming and how to prepare. May God open the eyes and ears of those who will listen and take action.

Your friend in the Philippines

TPJ - Have a GREAT day!

Nov 13, 2013

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