Alert: Road Warrior Currency GUERRILLA ECONOMIST

As we move towards the end of the year, there is gathering storm and according to multiple sources, the currency wars have entered parabolic levels. Many in the “Lame Stream Media” have reported that the wars are “back!”. Folks this race/war to the bottom of beggar thy neighbor policies have never left. Thus we have seen that the ECB has once again cut its rate and I predict, all central banks in the western banking world will enact their version of ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy).

This is the only logical conclusion as the FED has set the lowest banner in regards to this operandi of debasement/default. You have to really understand that the entire global system is addled with insurmountable debt that the only way to fix for the Keynesians is to default via debasement. This serves two purposes.

One It allows the .01% at the top to reap massive rewards as they are much more able to leverage the cheap money better than Joe public.

The record profits garnered by many of the top corporations seem like an aberration in the light of the worst economics numbers in history. Yes you heard that correctly worse than the Great Depression as they never had the levels of debt that we are laden with. The only difference between our current crisis and the Great Depression is that the Bread Lines are no longer a public spectacle, they are now electronic via EBT, welfare and the like. So you would have no idea that your neighbor is behind on his mortgage, possibly facing foreclosure and is now on welfare and food stamps because he is on the “Electronic Breadline”.

All the corporations are doing to reflect these profits along side their over inflated stock is the cutting of jobs and other “over head” to fatten the books. It is a disgusting precedent that is being done. No one is stimulating nothing except the fat cats that reap the benefits and the middle class gets eviscerated. Currency wars do nothing but destroy the very purchasing power of the citizen. It obliterates their savings and retirement and ultimately the specter of Hyperinflation rears it’s ugly head. Or worse there is war.

Two- I want all of you to understand what is being in acted is default, a default by debasement. Ask yourself why there will be no taper, no squeezing of the taps on the cheap booze that the FED is pouring out to the banksters on Wall Street. Why is the ECB, BOE and the BOJ in full lock step and barrel with these insane policies that fix nothing but enrich the pockets of crony insiders? Folks you are being gamed.

You have to understand in the remaking of the American Dream into the Socialist nightmare, the middle class has to be destroyed. In socialist economies there is NO middle class. You have a ruling elite oligarchacal group that controls all business and all the wealth. Then you have on the lower rung the prolateriat of the working masses. Wealth will be transferred and in the process the dreams and hopes of anyone seeking to start a path to prosper themselves is destroyed. You can not run a business in an environment like today where you are taxed and regulated to death.

These are the just some of the detrimental effects of currency wars and the “Great Default” that is occurring. I will tell you this, you must begin to diversify into foreign stocks and funds that are safe performers. Do it while those firms/companies are still open and available to Americans. You must and I do not care how you do it, you must acquire precious metals. These are the only two ways of safe guarding your future.

Nov 15, 2013

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