FROM SOUTH AFRICAN BELIEVER:God showed me that he was withdrawing from all public institutions - schools, politics, churches etc. I saw a crack split the earth in 2 halves.

Dear Steve,

I have just heard a radio show of yours on Youtube about Stargates, interdimensional portals etc. On the programme you mentioned Wouter Basson of South Africa and his knowledge of toxic substances etc. I am a South African and keep a sharp ear for all these things. You might not know but years ago, when he was still active in the apartheid govt, there was a news story in our newspaper, The Natal Mercury, Durban, South Africa, that Basson had been commissioned by the Vatican to buy WEAPONS to the tune of either 45 million or 45 billion SA rand - can't remember now, from the Soviet Union. My ears pricked up as I wondered :

a. why the Vatican needed weapons
b why the Vatican was involved in the apartheid regime
c why they were dealing with terrorists like Basson
d why they were dealing with the Soviet Union (then)

I could not find out anything more at the time but tucked the info away in my mind. Maybe you know all this, but in case you don't I'm going to try and track down the newspaper article and verify it. Maybe you have more power to access these things than I do.

Incidentally, God showed me in a vision in 2007 that a spiritual tsunami was coming that would knock down all the financial sandcastles of the world. The financial crisis happened. The Lord also showed me that September 2008 to March 2012 was a time for us to get ready and be like Joseph storing for the lean years. I have been storing fertile seeds ever since. God gave me another vision when Benedict was first installed of him growing weary of office, letting go of a heavy cart full of idols and jewels and resigning. God showed me that Benedict would pay dearly for this - not sure if he has - and that the following pope would be a deceiver. When I didn't see anything happen in March 2012 I was very troubled as I wondered if I'd imagined it. Through you + Tom Horn I've discovered that the pope resigned then.You and Tom have confirmed all this for me. PLEASE DON'T STOP BROADCASTING.

Finally, in early 2000s in a vision of the end times, God showed me that he was withdrawing from all public institutions - schools, politics, churches etc. I saw a crack split the earth in 2 halves. Very few were standing on the right side. When the crack started a few were able to jump across to the right side but MOST were taken into darkness and perished. He gave me a sign of when I would know it was happening. This sign happened in October 2007. People in South Africa don't really believe all these things but I don't care, I share anyway. You guys are so knowledgeable that I'm sure people listen to you so I have been referring people to your sites. Please don't stop what you are doing.

God bless,

Nov 21, 2013

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