Alert: Bailing Bankers-V-THE GUERRILLA ECONOMIST This is very serious and time must not be wasted. I am deeply concerned.

The Russell 2000 is overvalued by 30%, the DOW a whopping 67%, the NASDQ 50% and yet the morons on “the street”and the talking heads on TV are reporting that the good times are here again. How can the market be this high when every major indicator of economic data defiantly shows a continued contraction?

Folks if you have been following my writings you see that there are constant recurring themes like: High Frequency Trading (HFT), Stimulus, MBS, Bond Buying, misreporting real numbers, etc… all of which is to give the illusion that everything is fine. But everything is NOT fine and the reality of the situation is for the first time causing a divorce between Main Street and Wall Street. People just don’t buy the bull and empty promises anymore.

The situation is so dire that the one main thing that I am warning about is happening now. I have it from some of my key sources, straight from the board rooms to this site, that top banksters are already moving out to safe houses and getaway locations. From what I am getting is that the rectal orfice par -excellance Jamie Dimon is operating out of various international locations and that his family has been prepped and ready to bug out to one of the island retreats. Dimon owns various islands through various holdings companies so which island I do NOT know.

Michael Corbat CEO of CitiGroup has been prepped and will be moving his operations off shore, Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs fame is operating currently from his upstate New York abode and is planning on offshoring very very soon. Folks since 2011 till today there have been over a thousand banksters that have left the field.

I knew that once the front line big players are beginning to leave then the end would be soon. With banks about to go bust this year due to various regulations like Dodd Frank and the Fed capital injections leading to hyperinflation it does not take a genius to know that the hand writing is on the wall.

With banks soon to demand fees for even deposits, a clear and present danger sign that the end is near. Those within the power structure are leaving like the proverbial rats from the ship. I firmly believe that barring any unforeseen events we might have maybe a year or two before the plug is pulled on this terminal patient called America.

For those that are needing help prepping financially for what is to come you can contact me at This is very serious and time must not be wasted. I am deeply concerned.

Dec 3, 2013

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