I took a trip to Colorado Springs to assist a sick friend today.

Leaving the Steamboat Springs on Hwy 131 to 134 (Gore Pass) to Hwy 9 to Kremling to Silverthorn to Frisco. In Frisco I stopped for a bite of lunch. Upon leaving to Breckenridge I encountered 4 small Jail cars complete with barred windows manufactured out of converted container cars. These units were 12 feet long and 20 feet long. These units came from the North. As I continued on South to Alma I encountered 4 large prison units 12 x 40 feet each. These had bars on the inside of the windows and extruded diamond patterned steel material on the outside of the windows. All units were painted Navy gray. Just a color, I do not think the Navy was involved. What I thought was interesting is that these jails converged on Breckenridge, from the North and the South within an hour ( 2:30 PM ) on Hwy 9 ( 12-5-13 ) the same say.

Upon arrival in Colorado Springs I came across a storage depot - not military - full of military vehicles I did not recognize. Will send photos if they are still there tomorrow.

Be of good cheer. Jesus is Lord over ALL.


PS... 15 years ago my son, myself and three others saw a Sasquatch on Texas Creek over the Pass West of Buena Vista Colorado. By the time we got our rifles it was about 500 years away loping along crossing a large meadow. All of us saw the critter through scopes and binoculars. My son was on the other side of the creek - 50 feet away when it squatted down by the creek and scooped the water out of the creek with its hand and drank from its hand. When I read the article today this brought back memories of our adventure. As I recall we asked at the store opposite the reservoir about strange happenings in the area and were told the cattlemen in the area were losing calves. I will be visiting the area again this summer to fish and prospect and will visit with a few ranchers to see if I can gather additional information. M

Dec 6, 2013

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