HELLCARE PROGRAM-I can smell the fear in the air as Christians face the ultimate decision in the near future.

I do not think that this hellcare program was actually intended to work in its presented format. I do not personally know anyone who can afford the premium which is the cost of a mortgage payment. It simply does not make any sense. I know that this program was designed to fundamentally "change" the United States economy and enslave every citizen through fines, interest "penlites" and seizure of assets for non-compliance, all in order to control people. This is beyond belief, a nightmare that something like this could happen here in the United States. Of course as Believers, we knew something would need to occur to "change" the Constitution and way of life that we have enjoyed for centuries.

These decisions are so very coercive and confusing. I can smell the fear in the air as christians face the ultimate decision in the near future. This one issue alone will be responsible for the death of millions when membership is no longer optional. The church is being "prepped" right now to receive the final nail in the coffin of compromise as pastors are justifying the "mark" as a necessary evil to live. This issue will be responsible for chaff and wheat separation.

The beast is now huge, Google just bought Boston Dynamics: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/google-search-and-destroy-the-internet-giant-motto-dont-be-evil-has-bought-a-pioneer-of-scary-robot-animals-can-its-ethics-survive-9007562.html

My take on all this is that the program will morph into "something else" after a complete collapse of the economy in 2015.

Dec 18, 2013

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