REGARDING PHIL ROBERTSON-ANOTHER BROTHER SPEAKS UP!: I want to vomit and fight over the comments being made by the un-intelligible talking heads throughout the media world over this.


I heard about this story as it broke, and I wanted to say something here.
Firstly, this is not the only news in the world that should anger Christians, perhaps even to action, though I am not encouraging anyone to sin in their anger.
Having said that, already I want to vomit and fight over the comments being made by the un-intelligible talking heads throughout the media world over this. Even those who claim to be supporting Phil are coming from a stance of “Well what about free speech?”—and even you people (saying this to them now) make me sick! WHAT ABOUT GOD’S LAW is my question. WHAT ABOUT WHAT GOD SAYS?

I truly believe that the Lord Jesus will count this unto Phil Robertson as righteousness and will bless him for this. And to anyone reading this who may have a negative opinion of Phil for this, or who would attack him for this, I say HOW DARE YOU. MAY THE LORD REBUKE YOU and MAY YOUR SHAME HAUNT YOU UNTIL YOU REPENT!

For those of you who do follow Jesus, I know you stand as I do in this. But for those snakes out there claiming to be Christians and yet are not – those who say “How dare Phil, and that Christianity is about tolerance…” I say to you vipers once more, THE LORD REBUKE YOU. MAY YOU NOT REST WITHOUT UTTER REPENTENCE.

Sorry for the venting email Steve, but when are the people going to wake up? Hundreds/thousands of Christians die every day for believing in Jesus. And along comes a family who will, on public television, profess their belief in the Lord Jesus, so of course somehow the media has to demonize them and somehow crucify them. How dare they.
The Lord Jesus has far greater forgiveness in Him (Thank God for that or I would be toast) because quite honestly when I see stuff like this, my own personal reaction sounds more like “Forgive them NOT Father, for they DO know what they are doing” I am trying hard not to have that opinion Steve, but seeing things like this makes me sick.

And for any lukewarm readers out there (I hope that applies to none of you if this email makes it to Steve’s site) …. I would say you need to start picking a side. And for those tares who may come across this rant of mine, I pray only two things for you, and this is as humble as I can be about it….
1) That you be met by the Holy Spirit, which would bring you to repentance and salvation. – Praise God if this happens!
2) That until number one happens (above), that you know the wrath of God in your life.
Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered :EXPRESS YOUR OUTRAGE TO THEIR PHONE NUMBERS--212-210-1400

Dec 19, 2013

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