Steve...regarding the Mystery Dust in Texas newsstory.


Something is definitely up in the skies over Texas. We have been chemtrailed incessantly for several years. It's rare that we have a blue sky...usually milky white haze. I'm actually very sensitive to the effects now, and from my own experience here is what I've observed.

It seems that I'm fine if I'm indoors. If I spend some time outdoors when they've aerosalled the skies overnight, I get a slight headache. However...if I then go indoors to a store with flourescent lighting--or near an area with a lot of cellphone and/or radio towers--I get a headache so bad and lightheaded that I literally get nauseous. Oddly, if I just go back outside the intensity of the headache and nauseousness instantly subside.

Further, the smart meters also seem to have an effect on whatever the chemtrail 'soup' is comprised of. It seems these nanofibers cause muscle spasms as they respond from the dirty electricity from the 'smart meters'--as if they are activated by it. However, when I plug in 'Stetzerizers' (I have 14 of them which essentially deflects the incoming dirty energy sending it back out) along with using an 'earthing mat' the aerosal wondermist is powerless. I've experimented with this for a few years and it always pans out. There exist corroborating testimonies online of people with similar experiences.

The geo-engineering is harming us all. And people don't notice because these are virtually invisible attacks (i.e. weaponized microwaving, chemtrailing, Fukishima, flouridation, GMOs, propaganda indoctrination, vaccination poisoning, etc.)

I really get that verse about: "Unless the days are shortened, no flesh would survive."

May God help us to invent and/or find solutions (witty inventions) to counter the sinister schemes that are being used to literally steal, destroy and kill us (these are precisely the devil's mission statement...John 10:10)

God bless you in Jesus' name!

Dec 24, 2013

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