Local Bank Installing Airport Like Screening--Akron Ohio

Hi Steve,

I walked into my local Fifth Third Bank* branch the other day and to my shock (but not surprised) there was an airport like security portal install inside the front door that you had to pass through in order to get into the bank. This portal has four doors, two to pass through to get into the bank and two for the outbound. In between the inbound doors is a metal detector that went off for me due to various metal things i had on me, however they didn't bother check my belongings. It's almost like they acknowledged I might have a gun and said "oh well". I'm sure that was part of a conditioning process and in the future I would be detained for less.

On the subject of detention, these portals have the ability to detain you. Both the inside and outside doors of the inbound and outbound portal have the ability to be mechanically locked from within the bank. It is very creepy to say the least and I will not be going back to that bank.

I asked the security gaurd what this was all about and he curtly responded "It's for security". I immediately thought introspectively, "Oh yea, security for whom?". If most banks do not have enough cash to handle more then one $10K withdraw (and that's with prior notice of withdraw), then what are they doing installing security measures that cost figures beyond that? The answer that comes to mind is: these are for a bank run. Envision a bank run that looks like passengers standing in line waiting to pass though securely at an airport, verses the iconic mob outside of The Building and Loan from "It's a Wonderful Life" pushing to get in. A few other biproducts the NWO get is getting from this is keeping up with the allusion that banks have money to protect as well as advancing the prison state and the conditioning of the masses of said prison state in the process.

*Bank located at:
AKRON, OH 44303

Jan 6, 2014

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