Hello Steve!

I have been following yours and others like your posts about the effects that the radiation from Fukushima have had on the pacific and the west coast. I am particularly interested because I live about 40 min inland from Malibu, CA. I hear about the effects it is having on the wild life in Alaska and further out to sea but I have been wondering when it would start to effect the sea life closer to the shoreline here in Southern California. I got my answer today. I was talking to my neighbor who had just returned from a trip up the coast where they had stopped and played at a few of the California beaches. He told me that he was absolutely shocked by what he saw when they stopped at El Capitan State Beach which is in Goleta, CA (About an hour north of Malibu). He also noticed the same thing as they traveled further north. He said that they usually see the rocks just covered by starfish and the tide pools full of sea life. But this time it was just empty. He also notice that there weren't any sea lions or dolphins where they normally see a bunch. He and his family have frequented these beaches in the recent past and this is the first time they have noticed this. I'm thinking it might not be a good idea to let the kiddos go in the water…

Thanks for all that you do. I pray for you constantly. Never give up. More and more people are beginning to wake up and we need people like you.

With much respect,

Jan 7, 2014

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