POLICE IN MURRAY UTAH GIVING OUT TICKETS TO SCHOOL STUDENTS- Are city cops now in charge of our children in public schools.

I have proof of the Police State! Murray, UT (a suburb of Salt Lake).
Schools use police officers to enforce school rules. One rule, don't throw
snowballs. My 13 yr old, aspergers (special needs) grandson was playing
outside after school with a few of his friends. It was snowing very hard so
they all threw snowballs at each other. A Police Officer, patrolling the
school grounds, stopped them, took their names and information and told
them they will be receiving a ticket and must go to court.

The next day, my grandson came home with an actual ticket citing a lawful
offense and requiring a court appearance the following week.

At what point do police officers issue tickets for breaking school rules -
like throwing playful snowballs? Not fighting, not aggression against
others... 13 yr old boys, friends, playing!

There was no warning, no visit to the principals office, no visit to the
school counselor. Nothing. A city cop is in charge of our children in
public schools.

There is no information gathering such as my grandson is not a problem
student or child, has no offenses prior to this, and is so emotionally he
has been crying, terrified of the police and going to court! He doesn't
understand this and this punishment will do absolutely nothing to help him
be better. He want's to drop out of school right now. He is distraught.
Asperber kids do not understand stupid things. He was helped with his
suicidal thinking to get down to a 2 from an 8 over the past several
months. Now he is on high alert at an 8 from this!

This is purely a Police State. Maybe you have some input or knowledge of
this problem in the US?

Jan 11, 2014

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