Thomasville Georgia, where I live, is one of the ten FEMA Federal Regional Centers. It is the Region IV Center

I really appreciate your site, and I am thankful for your faithfulness in putting out the truth in the face of all of the propaganda that spews from the network news agencies. I was writing to share with you something that is happening in our town that I thought you may be interested in. I am the pastor of a small Church in Thomasville Georgia ,Thomasville Georgia, where I live, is one of the ten FEMA Federal Regional Centers. It is the Region IV Center. After learning about FEMA's involvement and potential plans for our nation, I have been quite concerned and very watchful of the center in our town. I have spoken to a personal friend who worked with a construction crew at the facility during its construction and I am aware that our Regional Center is a six story-below grade facility. Access to the facility is limited, and my friend said that he was blindfolded until he reached the room/area where he was working. No doubt the facility is considered important. For the past twelve years or so, there has been little activity and nothing really unusual about the facility or behaviors around the facility, until the past six months.

Our Facility, the Region IV facility is located directly adjacent to the Southwestern State Mental Hospital. The two facilities are separated only by fencing. The site is also just on the other side of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation local headquarters. Last year it was announced that the mental hospital would be closed as of December 31, 2013 (which it was). Yet only two months prior to the closing of the Mental Hospital, a new black vinyl fence was installed along the main street exposed side of the Hospital. Many in our community thought that this was odd, in light of the fact that the Mental Hospital was slated to be closed in a few months. Around this time, we also began to notice uniformed military troops walking around our town, and frequenting local establishments. Even though we are only an hour away from the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany Georgia, and Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta Georgia, it is very rare to see troops in town. The troops that I have seen or have heard of are wearing standard military fatigues, and appear to be "Army" troops. About a month before the closure of the Mental Hospital, one day I drove by and the sign which is located at the entry drive for the FEMA Regional Center had been removed. As of this date, there is no longer a sign or any indicator that the facility is there. It appears that there continues to be activity at the now closed Mental Hospital. Of course I understand that this could be a part of the standard "shut down process", but there are many cars still there, including weekends.

The obvious thought here is that FEMA is taking over the closed Mental Hospital, or it is going to be used as a base of some sort, or worse, a detention facility. While the new fence that was installed is not a detention fence, it could be utilized as a perimeter fence beyond the secure perimeter.

I am not sure what this all means, but I thought that I should let you know, and get your thoughts if you have any concerning what may be going on. I think the importance of the local FEMA Facility, the location of the facility, the shutdown of the adjacent Mental Hospital, the installation of the new fencing, the sudden appearance of troops in town, and the removal of the sign for the FEMA facility are more than a coincidence. I will keep you posted concerning what we see.

Jan 14, 2014

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