I wrote you yesturday to tell you of the letter I received from Wells Fargo regarding the $5.00 fee per item on deposits at their bank. Another friend of mine has an acct with them and she called them. The bank outright denied this was going to happen in April & that no letter was sent to anyone stating that it would. I called the bank back and spoke to Blair. I told her everything the letter said and she confirmed my acct #. Blair then told me this only applied to my savings acct. I told her its even more ridiculous to charge their customers for an acct that is based on depositing funds. She agreed and put me on hold to speak to a manager (I had asked to speak to a manager but was denied).. when she came back on the phone she told me that a bulletin had just come up and NOW it is a "typo". Blair said the word U.S. should not have been put in there and in parentheses it should have read "foreign funds only". Once again I asked for a manager. So this seems to be an ever evolving bunch of misinformation. I told blair the rep that I want a manager to call me back. How can I believe the reps when I have a document in my hand with my acct number and name telling me that I will be charged?? I asked if they planned on sending me a correction and she told me she didnt know. I told her I wanted a manager to call me back.
Maybe your article and my friend calling changed their new policy? Nothing would surprise me.. but I just googled "wells fargo charging for deposits" and 3 hrs ago they made a statement that they are not. Just thought you should know. Thanks, Jennifer in Florida

Jan 15, 2014

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