Verifying what Jennifer in FL said: I got the same notice from wells fargo.
ANY deposit made will be charged $5.

people who don't carefully look over their full statement, such as myself
who get statements online to "save paper", will miss this info - since it's
located at the very end of the monthly statement, way past the info about
the deposits and withdrawals you've made during the billing period.

Also, wells fargo reps don't want to talk about it. when I called I
definitely got the run around. the rep said she didn't know anything about
it and proceeded to put me on hold for 5 minutes so she could go find some
info about it. when she came back she said "you definitely should not be
receiving any deposit fees but possibly some account charges could
occasionally be charged on your account." so I asked her,"why then does my
statement for this month say "Effective April 7, 2014, the fee for
deposited U.S. or foreign currency denominated international items,
including drafts, will be $5.00
per item." she said she didn't know and she would be confused by that also. SHELLI

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Jan 15, 2014

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