Steve I am reading the dreams and visions..I find them blood once posted my vision about asking God for a sign and I started seeing the black crow like birds the next day...Well they are returning it's extremely cold here and usually when the temperature dips I do not see many birds..Well they have landed in my yard and I am seeing many along the dirt road that I take down....I feel in my spirit that time is getting shorter, I am not sure for what collapse not yet but food prices raising absolutely this is info I sent Hawk last week..... I want to share something with you. I have learned how to can food. I became friends with the butcher at Save A Lot, when I can meat I will bring him and the Manager a can of what ever it is I it was bean soup..Anyway, he came out to talk with me he was very concerned..he bought out his sheet of the meats he was getting and ALL of it has gone up in price, the beef items went up a dollar plus per pound. He told me that his boss said that if the hamburger goes up again they will not be able to offer it on their 5 packs of meat for 20 any longer. Hawk I see how people depend on those deals..He also heard that milk will be going up to 10 dollars a gallon..I picked up some pork today and will be cooking it over night and canning it tomorrow. I just finished canning 14 pints of beef, this week I have canned over 4 cases of food....There was an old poster from WWll that read those you can...can..Hawk I promised GOD that I would help feed people and help open their eyes I want you to know my butcher friend thanks me because he and his wife have been canning and putting up food. So have other rapture believing friends of mine because they see realize there is a need....for no man knoweth the hour...Steve please let people know...stay well and safe my brother...Joy

Jan 22, 2014

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