I hope everyone enjoys paying $3.00 for a peach or $4.00 for an orange

Another email from friend, whose wife works for Kroger as the Chief Produce Buyer for the San Joaquin Valley.Farmers in our area were notified that water delivery this year will be 20% of normal and cost $365.00 per acre foot. Last year it was only $87.00 an acre foot. When asked what he would do one farmer said, "well, do I let trees I have years and around a million dollars invested in die or pay the price or even more to pump out of the ground?"

Then with a frustrated look on his face he said "I hope everyone enjoys paying $3.00 for a peach or $4.00 for an orange." The reporter then said you mean per pound? He answered with no, each.

Brown declared a state of emergency last week, Boehner and others were here yesterday (some democrats) saying they would get bills going that would relax some environmental regulations to get more water from the delta. Environmentalists immediately went on the rampage about destroying the fish and the San Joaquin waterway. Idiots, hope they starve to death.

Jan 24, 2014

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