Pretty soon we will be boiling water and putting salt and sugar in the bags ourselves like some third world country.

Shortage on IV fluids

Earlier this week, I was talking to a collegue in the hospital where I work
and he stated that their was a shortage of Normal Saline nationwide. Then
by Wed our dept got the official word of it. I am a nurse anesthetist who
works in the operating room the majority of time -when I am not up in OB
doing c-section in Georgia. We were kind of puzzled at this informaion
because the next iv fluid will be Lactated Ringers which is another common
iv fluid.
In my time as an RN/EMT of 12yrs and now anesthetist for 8 yrs- I have
never heard of this. The occasional drug shortage is common-but basic iv
fluids are not.
Thanks again for all the good information that you, V, Tom Horn and the
Haggamans share with the rest of us.

Jan 25, 2014

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