Good morning Brother Quayle,

Been an interesting few weeks.

I read your Q Alert on the Super Bowl. Then read the Before its new article this morning before going out on patrol. I have this deep concern for every soul going to that event right now and feel a heaviness regarding it. More than the everyday heaviness we are starting to feel. So as I was driving to drop off some court paperwork im just asking God to forgive me (because sometimes I have thoughts and get angry at drivers that are driving like jerks, too cold to hive them tickets) I began to think if the event on 2/2/14 was real or not. I began praying for God to not allow this to happen and that there were many good people going to that game When out of nowhere I think "AMERICAS NEW CHURCH IS THE NFL" i'm like huh? Now mind you I still have trouble discerning God's voice from my thoughts. But I think again "AMERICAS NEW CHURCH IS THE NFL, THEY WORSHIP FALSE IDOLS, JUDGEMENT IS COMING". I was like ok is this my thinking or is this from God. I thought I would email you this but decided not to. About ten minutes later im driving listening to our only worship channel here when the announcer starts to talk about how God says in the Bible that he will bring JUDGEMENT DOWN ONTO THOSE WHO WORSHIP FALSE IDOLS!!!! I then drove to a safe spot to send you this email. Steve I dont know, I got an instant confirmation right after deciding not to email you about this.

I hope and pray that God will hold back but I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach that His cup Is full of our nations sins and it was time to pour it out on this country. As im typing this out i got this, For those who are awake friday was a warning sign, take heed for your judgement draweth nigh.

God bless brother

Jan 26, 2014

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