From Rights to Slavery the Dilemma of Man

I wrote this statement in 1993 as part of my disertation.

From Rights to Slavery the Dilemma of Man

It started as a right, the right to commune with God on a one to one
basis. The right to health and wellness and the personal responsibility to
maintain one's own health.

Then we progressed to the privilege, the privilege to commune with God on
our terms. The privilege to health care that we trusted others to give to

Then we progressed to a requirement, men requiring us to take what they
said as what God wanted. Men requiring us to have their version of health

Then we progress to the final stage, slavery. Man elevated to the status
of a god and telling us what we are to do. The mandate that we will be
immunized whether we want it or not. And when they decide we are too old,
too feeble and of no use to society anymore; they take our life and call
it mercy.
David B. Reece, 1993

Jan 30, 2014

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