Guys, Well every time I turn around I feel like the Lord is giving me more messages concerning the urgency of the hour. Today we took a ride to SAM"S CLUB. We had a credit on the account and we decided to take a ride there and use it. Of coarse I had to go check out the prices of the meat. Well, the pork loin that were usually $1.99 are now $2.79 and the beef was extremely high. I watched people pick up packages and put them back down, in other words they were not buying. After we were done shopping we had to go to the customer service desk because they messed something up at the checkout. The store manager came to help us and was nice and helped us with our situation, I mention to him that the meat has gone up a lot since the last time I was in. He told me that the beef is going through the roof. And certain cuts that they get in like chopped meat are more than the Anderson farm brand and that it has been decided not too carry certain cuts until the price of beef goes down. So it is safe to surmise that not only is the price going to make certain cuts of meat unaffordable, they will also be unavailable. Interesting right, wait it gets better. On our way home we drive by Save A Lot, so I stopped in, Monday is the first day of their new sale. MY butcher friend saw me and he came out to chat, he told me the 2lb chubs of chuck that were $6.59 on Thursday were re ticketed to $7.59 on Friday and he received a call today telling him that they will no longer be carrying it because they will be over $8.00 at cost another form of beef disappearing. Now the 5 lb chub which was $9.99 in the fall, went up to 12.99, then 13.99 now it will be over $14 dollars. Also they were going to take the ground beef off the 5 fo $20 deal. He told his manager that this was what most people bought and it would hurt the store so they kept the chopped beef but made the packages smaller. This is all very disturbing, I feel the good Lord wants me to know these things so I can share them with other people and his watchman...Please tell the people, please !!!! You just can't make this stuff up...Stay safe and well my brothers....GOG BLESS YOU...Joy--- UPDATE: Steve, Hawk, The disturbing part of all this is there are 3 different states involved with my message you see I live on the border of NC in Zionvile, TN is 5 miles from my home. The Save A Lot I go to is in Mountain City TN, the Sams I go to which is an hour away due to mountain roads is in Bristol VA. I have seen the prices go up in Harris Teeter, Food Lion, and Ingles too, they are all located in Boone NC. This is univsersal and I can't tell you the urgencey in my spirit to tell everyone. I think at times I am going crazy then GOD will send angels, in street clothes, like today. When I left Sams an older women approached me she saw the 5 cases of pint jars in my wagon. She asked me what I was canning I told her meat when I find it on sale. she looked at me smiled and told me that I was doing a very smart thing and that she was going to start doing it too. The when we stopped at the farm supply store I was walking out with a case of quarts a man asked what I was canning my husband said everything. We started to talk he also told me I was smart and that things are getting worse everyone is seeing it and we all need to get ready. People are opening up their eyes and starting to do THINGS I know some wish they had started sooner. But the good thing is they are starting, I want to thank you my brothers in Christ for all the work and warning you have been doing for people...Joy

Feb 3, 2014

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