My response to the grammys....and other public rituals -By JORDAN C.

Steve, this is my response to the grammy’s….first is a poem that I direct to people not in God, but who are of the world. The paragraphs below it are I think, self-explanatory.

I heard about the grammy's
And how you did what you wanted to
But for those who preach of God
You only say "How dare you"
It's okay to chase a broom pole and project demonic strife
But let me tell you marriage is ONLY man and wife.
You shriek about the dark horse and we let you have your point of view
But when I speak of Jesus, you say "How dare you"
Like I'm supposed to let you sing your song about same love
But if I speak of God's way you say I'm wrong and must be judged
This whole thing has me bothered beyond what I can say
You only want free speech for those who speak your way
When those like Duck Commander have a different point of view,
All that you can say once more is "Hey, How dare you"
It's true Jesus spoke of love, and everlasting joy,
But not of praising devils, or letting men have boy-toys.
I know this will offend you and I really do not care
Because all over media, you do just whatever you dare.
So I say back, right in your face, what are you going to do?
When you are in your place bowed down and God says,
"How Dare You?"

You rattle on with shows at games, turning halftimes into rituals. Grammy's too, and other public events like the Olympics. You are allowed to parade your rainbows, because if people speak against the notion of homosexuality you say they are haters. If someone says how dare you put on a scantily-clad show depicting devil worship, magic, and use even themes such as a dark horse and magic, you say they are being haters. But if we were to talk about the dark horse as it is spoken of in the Bible, in Revelation, you would do your best to shut us up. If we told you how Jesus considers these things abominations, and how no one should put these things before the young of our generations, you would try to shut us up. Funny how free speech only applies to the satanic voice. Oh, I and others should allow your kind the free speech, and should allow such performances to flood our televisions and radio waves, but the moment we speak TRUTH, which IS JESUS, then suddenly we who speak it must be silenced. I feel sorry for you people who fit that category. Because you can’t even see what has happened to you, through you, or what is yet coming FOR you to collect. You will in time though, but maybe not in time to save your soul.
Not convinced? Look at any one-time good/wholesome celebrity….Miley Cyrus…once a cute kid who did kid’s shows….now behaving like a harlot at every performance. Katy Perry…once a so-called Christian singer…now doing dark rituals and spells, singing demonic lyrics….Britney Spears…once a little miss innocent teen, again though as now more of a harlot. The list is endless.

Let me tell you about another performance going on in this age…one you cannot silence, nor stamp out, nor stop. It is the rising of the people of the Lord Jesus. For while it is true there is much evil everywhere this day, so too is the contrast making things much more clear on both sides. God is raising up an army. For those of you who are a part of it, I encourage you NOT to stay silent, NOT to ever stop praying, NOT to ever stop reading the Bible, and NOT to turn from God. These are dark times indeed, but let us not forget the old song…This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

No matter how many demonic performances they put out, the Lord Jesus himself prayed to his Father (and creator of all things) that His people be kept in the world and able to overcome the world. So we shall. Some may fall and have to face death of the flesh. But our sprit lives on with and through God in that case. I magnify the name of Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and the life (resurrection) and even if it must one day be my flesh to be killed/martyred, I say this to all of you….the sufferings of this world are nothing compared to the greatness of the presence of God. Put your faith and trust in Him, and stand up to be counted.

I’m not asking or telling anyone that they must boycott certain singers or performances etc…because you like me, have free will given by God. But I will say this…to any of you who call yourselves Christians who yet support these things, I wonder how you would answer God about these things. To you parents out there…when you are in your cars traveling somewhere with your young children, do you let them listen to the radio????? Is it the “popular music” of the day? Do you let them watch whatever they want on television? Everything the world can taint, it has tainted. Even sports games halftime shows have been demonic! Do you yet understand? These things are not just out there in the extreme groups of “Satanists” that do their own thing way over there somewhere. No, this is in your face, in your homes on your tvs, on your radios and in your news. So I charge every one of you to turn those things off and speak the quietness with God that we as humans were given to enjoy. Of course if you can say to yourself with a clear conscience that you don’t mind performances like these being in your face, assaulting everything your King Jesus stands for, then I say peace to you, but I will have no fellowship with you. Because in that case, either you are so asleep that you cannot be woke, or you do not truly see Jesus as Lord. And if you do not say He is Lord then I say you are not my brother or sister, nor are you a Christian.

People of God…get your boots on, because it’s getting deep if you know what I mean. Why is it that the grammys or the super bowl can arouse the attention of so many, but a call to prayer, to preaching, to prophesying etc…leaves the crowds so small? Steve Quayle, a STRONG brother in Jesus talks about this often…why will so many act like fools, painting their bodies, cheering, yelling, dancing etc…for a sports event and team, but then those so called men are afraid to even whisper the name of Jesus in a crowd? Steve has been screaming out from the wall-the front lines, for years. Some of you reading this may be people who have listened to him for years…and some I count as blessings—jewels in the kingdom of God. Others still schills…and still others, lukewarm. Hey Lukewarm folks….psst…..pick a side. Wake up and finally hear the drums of war. Because we are in a war. Yet so often, I am saddened to see so many Christians with their armor on, and who frankly just let the enemy march wherever they want to. But I have faith that God will shore up that frontline soon. So ask yourself which side of the line do you want to be on?

Thank you Steve for listening to my rants…and for always being a voice to echoe resounding truth that Jesus is Lord. I am adamant in my own self that I want to be as strong, and as outspoken, though I do not always know which venues might be the proper ones. If you wish to share these rantings with others, feel free. I’m not even afraid of them knowing my name as I don’t feel I have any top-secret information…just a voice and determination to use it.
God bless!

Feb 5, 2014

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