Hi Steve,
I thought I would email and let you (and others) know about an event taking
place on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th in Scarborough (a small seaside town
in the UK) which features a community performance of over 750 performers
from across the region, giant puppets, live music and lantern processions.
This may sound good but the theme is that of giant sea monsters emerging
from the sea, Nephilim like giants and the Lord of the underworld (Hades a
giant puppet standing 26 metres) who battle against the forces of Good.
The production includes choirs from local schools as part of the
production. The event is advertised as A ground-breaking tale of love, loss
and adventure that will appeal to audiences of all ages.
The events advertisement states As spectators follow Orpheus on his quest
to save his young bride Eurydice, battling against gigantic creatures from
the deep, gathering immortal allies from the past, and journeying through
the depths of Hades realm in an ageless love story set against the dramatic
backdrop of the Yorkshire Coast.
This at first to some may sound harmless, but Scarborough is one of the
main areas in the UK for UFO/Alien visitations. One of the most recent
involved a local councillor who stated that he has been taken by aliens
since he was a young boy. He further went on to state that his real mother
is a giant alien, which on his visits with the aliens they have sexual
Close to the area are several key military and security sites which one in
particular has a vast pyramid type construction which goes underground. The
site is based on the Yorkshire moors and is very secure.
Is what we are seeing in this act an expression of the reality of what is
to come? Not so long ago someone I know told me of a dream they had about
aliens and Nephilims coming out of the sea. The person did not know the
area but, when they described it to me it was the seafront, specifically
where this is taking place. This was before the event mentioned was
I believe the dream they had was a prophetic dream as the person does hear
from God. This event I believe is the demonic hordes seeking to boast about
what is to come. Yet, praise God our Messiah returns and defeats HaSatan,
the anti-messiah and the demonic hordes!
Thanks Steve for all the information you provide
Blessings in Messiah

Feb 7, 2014

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