Dear Friends,
I had a very unsettling experience today and I am reporting this event in case any one has heard from any other Veterans any reports concerning blue Ford pick up trucks. I read some months ago that when the Veteran hit teams go out that the teams would be traveling in blue Ford pick up trucks in the rural areas of America and stopping the Veterans to ask them for directions (and then killing them).
I remember that these blue Ford pick ups would be equipped with up links to facial recognition software data bases for target verification. The alert also included advice for Veterans to vary their schedules and not to travel with cell phones.
Well I walk every day about the same time (until today!).
Today I went out, except I had a couple of paper targets rolled up and was on my way to put these targets up where my husband and I target shoot.
On my normal route, I stopped and stared up at an orange/ reddish drone (?) or plane that hoovered above my position and then sped off. I couldn't tell what size or altitude it was, it just caught my attention because it was flying so slowly and then seemed to stop above me- also it's odd color and bulbous shape.
My husband met me at the targets.
As we were walking back to the house, a darn blue Ford pick up pulled in to the end of the dead end road we were about to walk by (right where I had looked up at the drone/ plane thing. Had it run my features through facial recognition software?). The truck turned around before we could see the driver and drove back through the near by neighborhood. It did not stop at any of the houses and I have walked through that area and never saw a blue ford pick up parked in any one's driveway. I notice every blue Ford pick up since that alert.
I've lived here almost two years and have only seen 3 vehicles there and every time the driver stopped and chatted- whether I was shooting or not shooting. I felt like the driver was surprised to see two people instead of one.
My husband was not with me when I hung the targets and had that plane/ drone hoover over me- about the same time I go up to walk every day.
The truck was turning around there at about the time it would have taken me to do a normal day's walk and be passing that spot on my way back to the house.
I hope I am over-reacting, but I thought I'd send this out in case any one has heard similar reports.

Feb 23, 2014

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