Austin Activist Arrested for Filming Police

Austin Activist Arrested for Filming Police
August 26, 2012.

Austin activist and Peaceful Streets Project founder Antonio Buehler was kidnapped and caged last night. If you have a moment, please call on his behalf and demand he be freed:

512-974-5030 (sheriff’s office)
512-854-5245 (jail)

If you’re in Austin join other good folks outside the jail now
Facebook Event:
509 W. 11th St, Austin, TX

Use Lone Star Liberty Bell to get in contact with those on the ground:

It’s not a stretch to say that the APD higher-ups aren’t Antonio’s biggest fan as he has done such a great job exposing their systemic rights-violations.

From John Bush:

ARREST ALERT!! CALL FLOOD!! RALLY!! Liberty Activist, Antonio Buehler, was arrested last night for interfering with a police investigation. Per Joshua Pineda, Buelher was 30 ft away filming the arrest of a man who had just pushed his gf to the ground. The officers asked the man being arrested if Antonio was bothering him,he said yes, they then arrested Beuhler. He is now at Travis County Jail awaiting magistration.

Update via Clyde Voluntaryist of who after calling 311 was transferred to APD non-emergency who transferred him to Travis Co. deputy Petermen: Buehler is in Travis Co. Sheriff’s Dept holding cell alone. He’ll be arraigned in mid-afternoon. He’s levied with one threat: “Interference with public duty.”

Aug 27, 2012

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