Hawk, Steve

Just read the Q Alerts about the trucks targeting vets. Didn't "connect the dots" until now! Hubby is a vietnam veteran. I stay alert as to goings on around us. About a week ago, in the morning, a dark blue Ford truck drove in front of our house very slowly. We live rural but everyone out here has at least 4 acres of land. Anyway, it drove past house, a man inside scoping our property out. Went down to next drive and turned around. Came back and SAT in front of house on road. I was watching it but not near window of course. He eased down the road the width of acreage, stopped again once past. He scoped out acreage/woods behind house as well. Then a car came up behind him so he had to go on. Watched him pull out on main road. Called my hubby and told him immediately.

Saturday afternoon, my husband and I were taking our dogs for their daily walk back in our rural area. When we started out I was bringing him "up to speed" re article I had read on Steve's site. He stopped and said, "I need to turn my phone off". This was out of his character. Never done that before when we walked. So he turned it off. It was a beautiful cloudless day. We got up the road and suddenly, right on top of where we were, this cloud just appeared out of nowhere. Believe me when I say it couldn't have blown in. It was stationary.....just sitting there. We both got a really creepy feeling about this. All I could think about was, "I pray there is not a drone or something in that cloud". We took the attached picture (which actually looks farther away than it was) My husband said it looked to be about 3,000 ft up. As we stood there and watched it, only a few minutes...maybe 5 minutes......., it dissipated right in front of us. That quick and it was gone. Poof! Can anyone explain that?

I disconnected our land line several yrs ago because "they" were on it all the time......remember those 3rd party line days when you could hear someone on the phone. Well, it was like that. They are constantly messing with my computer and I can always tell when they are "on". I unplug everything from the wall every nite and when I forget to take the battery out, the next day the battery will be depleted. Go figure. I keep my cell phone in a mylar bag most the time when not in use (battery out at nite) I know all this is probably moot but I'm not making it easy on them either......... I crank up worship music just to annoy them.

By the way, we pray daily that the Lord will help us stay alert and sensitive in our spirit. We have increased our focus on listening to that still small voice within.

Feb 24, 2014

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