I listened to the broadcast on 27 Feb 2014 (HAGMANN AND HAGMANN) and was very touched by the passion of you gentlemen on the show.


I served in the Army for 8 years and have been following your website for
about 3 years.

Ever since I woke up to the government corruption in our country I have
been trying to keep up on the situation here.

I have to admit that I do get discouraged at times, as I have 3 very young
daughters and a Wife and I see the blazing speed of the moral decay of this

I listened to the broadcast on 27 Feb 2014 and was very touched by the
passion of you gentlemen on the show.

I have made a vow to never succumb to a tyrannical government, but just
pray that Jesus will take care of my 3 young daughters and wife if I end up
leaving this earth for my stance.

I really am not sure what the future holds, but I do know this, if our Lord
Jesus does not come back soon, there will be bloodshed in this country like
there never has been before.

I say this because I see society for what it is right now. I am currently
attending a school for HVAC-R. There is 22 male students in this class,
and it's my opinion based on what I see, that when our country collapses,
there would be only around 4 of those men I would trust (probably not even

I say this because I see no hope for this country based on what I see in
the younger generation of males and how there seems to be no moral
standards within them.

I try and pray for peace in my mind but a lot of the times I get bogged
down and discouraged because of the current state of this country.

In all honesty, and this may sound bad but, if I didn't have 3 daughters
and a wife I wouldn't feel so discouraged. But when I see how vulnerable
they are I get overwhelmed with worry about them. I do not want to see
them suffer but know that I cannot completely prevent that, so I know I
have to put them in the Lords hands.

Well I went off on a rant and hope my email can resinate with you. Keep up
the good work you do and know that this Patriot will never give up my arms
for a false sense of security, and will gladly die to protect that which I

God Bless,J.

Feb 28, 2014

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