I came across a white paper (I believe written by a US LTC) about getting rid of "the warrior gene"


Regarding your post about "cops and politicians wanting you dead" instead
of just coming to confiscate your guns....I have several comments:

1) They obviously have an indirect gun registry (Yellow 4473 NICS forms)
from when you complete a background check at the FFL to purchase or receive
transfer of a firearm (they want "registration" to update their lists).

2) The Civilian Firearms Disarmament agenda goes back to a US State
Department memo 7277, "Freedom from War; The US Program for General and
Complete Disarmament" (circa 1961 and stemmed from a joint US-USSR
committee white paper on the subject in the UN). The ultimate goal is that
only the UN world govt military will have theatre weapons of war; nation
states will only be able to have weapons necessary for keeping law and
order and all civilians will be disarmed. The gun statue with the twisted
revolver (not assault rifle) barrel in front of the UN is worth 1000

3) A few years ago while looking for the Spangler UN quote about the de
rigeur Luciferian initiation to enter the new age I came across a white
paper (I believe written by a US LTC) about getting rid of "the warrior
gene". This would suggest that they might want to take out whole families
who are considered into the gun culture (collectors. dealers, gunsmiths,
etc). That also means that once they are used to disarm the population that
most of the police and military will be eliminated as well.

Regarding the "3%" resisting statistic....it is going to be bad when they
send for reinforcements and then "Waco" the hunkered down gun resistors in
their homes. Heaven help us all.

Mar 6, 2014

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