Hi Steve, Bruce continues to become more alert and aware of things around him. He is following movement in the room and shows definite signs of hearing us when we talk to him. He has just started to respond to some commands. We asked him to turn his head towards us and look at us and he has done it. He has squeezed our hand when we have asked also. He still has some of those dreamy states in which he doesn't respond, but those are becoming less and less. He has remained extremely strong, has wonderful color and when I talk with him and ask him questions he moves his mouth trying to talk back while looking straight into my eyes. He is still in a coma but getting so close to coming out. The facility we are in has been such a blessing. The nurses and aides love Bruce and take such good care of him. Since we have been there, God has open up so many doors for ministry. We have taught the word and counseled many, led several to the Lord and witnessed backsliders coming back to the Lord, prayed for people to be healed and three have been healed. One lady who has not been able to walk has now started to take steps and is getting stronger. We have met so many wonderful people that God loves and we now love, and a few of them are now attending our church. What the devil meant for evil God will use for good!
My heart is overwhelmed with all the love that so many of you have shown for Bruce and our family. I want to thank you all from my heart for all your prayers and for helping to hold up our hands. You have strengthened and encouraged us and we couldn't do this without you. May His love and blessings fill your lives with great favor and great peace!
Sue York

Mar 9, 2014

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