Here's some additional info as follow-up on previous alert about Rapid Trident.

Hi Again Steve,

Here's some additional info as follow-up on previous alert about Rapid Trident.

1. The Coat of Arms for Ukraine is the Trident. Indicator that this maybe the Trigger Op.
2. The Trident is of course a weapon of the fallen angel, Neptune, aka Canaanite name Yamm. The trident is also widely known as the devil's pitch fork. So the US Military exercise in Ukraine this June can also be called Rapid (Quick) Devil's Pitch Fork.
3. Maserati Automotive symbol is the trident - Not only does the Maserati SuperBowl commercial talk about how quick the car is, but also talked about how they hid in the dark until they day they strike., possible reference to the Black Awakening or the Illuminati False Armageddon scenario to usher in the False Messiah, the Satanic counterfeit end times events to confuse the Christians. The Ukraine crisis is taking the shape of that scenario.
4. Of course as pointed out in your previous alert, the Malaysia Airlines corporate logo has a Trident - so that mystery is in play, with anon intel indicating that flight 370 landed at the Diego Garcia US Military base and is (has been) weaponized. Also as a side benefit, several Chinese passengers were partial owners of several high-tech patents that apparently someone high up may have wanted.
5. As per a previous link on your site - 2 Giant Tridents were erected across from the Twin Towers, in honor of false god Yamm (Neptune). Indicator that the Blackjack operators involved in 911 maybe the same involved in the current False Flag Op in Ukraine.
6. In the US Navy there is a tradition for personnel to participate in the "Line-crossing" initiation rite ceremony, which honors the fallen one Neptune. As per previous message, there is a single Navy Destroyer in the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea. Checked with known Navy contacts and was told that it is a highly unusual order to send a single US vessel into an unstable military hotspot.

Steve - many symbolic data points coming together on this current situation. Still decoding, so prayer and any input from you and others will be very helpful.

Thanks for all you do..

Mar 17, 2014

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