Out of all world empires and world societies down through the ages, no other country will have such a cataclysmic fall as the United States.


I feel that the Holy Spirit has told me that the Lord is holding back his
full judgement on the United States. He loves the souls of all His
children in America and cannot hold back his time for judgement on us
forever--he wants all to be saved. When we do fall under the full umbrella
of justice from the Lord, the rains will be so torrential that the floods
will shock people so hard that their hearts will fail them. Imagine a
person who has had an iv in them for years, pumping them full of pain kllers
for years: well, one day very soon that iv will be extracted by the Lord
and the country will go into chaos, which has never been seen on the Earth before for
one country--we have numbed the pain but not dealt with the cause focusing on the
symptoms....Jesus save us all!!

God Bless,


Mar 20, 2014

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