Steve, I emailed you last night about the major increase of black
helicopters in northeast GA. I wanted to add to that email. I am not sure
what is going on in our area but, the fly overs have been non stop all
night! This morning it has gotten worse. Something is defiantly going down.
Please ask everyone to pray for single mothers . I am divorced mom of two.
I am trying to learn to be the spiritual leader of our home. My daughter is
severely disabled and I am trying to make sure I am prepared to provide for
my family during the tribulation. I have already decided that IF they come
to try to take us to a fema camp we will not go. I know they will separate
us and they will murder my daughter. I have already decided they can just
shoot us. I can't run to the mountains like allot of people plan on doing.
Due to my daughters disability we will be like sitting ducks in our home.
God only knows if we will make it alive til the end. I have talked to my
children daily about the tribulation and the horrible things coming up on
the earth. Josiah my son said mom God knew we would be alive for this time.
So he knows we can handle it. I know he is right. Lord Jesus come quickly.
Thanks Steve

Mar 28, 2014

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