Steve I believe the latest Ft Hood shooter is another "Programmed Shooter". Once again the shooter kills and wounds several then kills himself. By programming the shooter to kill himself after the spree killing is the best way to prevent a forensic psychologist from deconstructing the original programming. Shooter after mass shooter kills himself or like the Arizona shooter he has a weapon malfunction and is captured trying to kill himself. You would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see the pattern in the mass shootings of recent times. You hear that no one can be made to do anything under hypnosis they would not normally do is total disinformation! There is a famous hypnosis demonstration where a young woman, who dislikes hand guns, is hypnotized. The young woman is programmed to use a prop hand gun to shoot another woman, which see does. When confronted with her actions the subject cannot believe she even handled a hand gun much less could have used it to harm someone.

What we are seeing is not random violence! The programmed shooters are programmed to kill for a hidden agenda, which I believe to be gun control and eventual gun confiscation. The evil firearm, an inanimate device, is blamed for the mass death, when in fact more guns equal less violence. If you want to zero in on the real cause of gun violence and mass shootings one only needs to ask who stands to gain from mass shootings. The top of my suspect list is the criminal government who are starting to fear the common people.

Apr 3, 2014

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