Call of Duty, Ghosts" and is a first person shooter war-game. MIND CONTROL IN PLAIN VIEW

Hi Steve,

I follow your work and listen to you weekly on Hagman and Hagman. I am
really surprised that no one has brought this to your attention. I have a
10 year old son and he asked me recently to play his new video game with
him. The game is the super popular, "Call of Duty, Ghosts" and is a first
person shooter war-game. In multi-player mode online there are at any given
time 140,000 people around the world playing this game at the same time.
The thing that chilled me to the bone was that all the maps you can play
on, were of devastated cities, small towns and even baseball parks in
America. The super detailed maps show small midwest towns, Texas towns,
Alaska fishing village and so on, and here is the really freaky part, that
have been devastated by some extreme natural catastrophe or earthquake, and
then invaded by FOREIGN TROOPS, FEMA signs and FEMA Trucks are EVERYWHERE
within the maps, telling the inhabitants of these towns to follow the
military evacuation orders, even telling people not to run. You have to get
with someone who can get you screen shots of the maps, you will not believe
it. How can people say that they are not preparing and programming people
for what is to come. Be well, God Bless and thanks for all your work.

Apr 12, 2014

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