Feds in Kalispell taking Drivers Photos as they passed by the Fire Truck road barriers

Hello Steve

I wanted to let you know about a very strange thing I witnessed last night around 7:00 PM on Hwy 2 just out side Kalispell. Heading west on Hwy 2 we approached what we thought was an accident, fire trucks, a sign that said accident ahead and fireman with signs saying slow, the fire trucks were blocking the right lane which made you go around them and when you followed their directions,they placed us in front of 2 officers holding digital/face recognition cameras! I recognized the cameras from when I had to go to Homeland security for my TWIC card in Florida. There was no accident! There were big black vans and Montana State police cars with DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE below the Montana state Police sign. They were not stopping people, just taking their photos! May God Bless us and direct us!


Aug 28, 2012

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