Here's a list of lessons learned from Bunkerville - a collaborative effort by posters on a popular site

Steve and Doug:

Here's a list of lessons learned from Bunkerville - a collaborative
effort by posters on a popular site. Would you be willing to put up
on the website? Lots of nuggets of info here.

Prayer had a powerful effect in this situation.

What The Federales Learned From Their Defeat At Bunkerville

Thanks all of you for your comments - I've added them here for a
combined Lessons Learned. Can someone get this out to the Bundy family
/ Patriots who were there?

Here's what the Feds learned:

- A temporary retreat can be useful in taking the wind out of
protester's sails - but never really give up.

- Shift operations to another venue (like the courts), or even another State

- Cut off cell phones immediately and have the cell carrier issue an excuse

- Declare a No-Fly zone when enforcers are on their way

- Work harder to get agent provocateurs in any budding protest movement

- Must implement immediate computer network operations aggressively
against any independent news outlets (like you-know-who)

- Use jamming to block Iridium and InmarSat transmissions from the protesters

- Get better shock troops than the plump and under-trained BLM thugs

- Don't spark "other" issue protests, by placing "free" Speech zones,
Etc. Stick to the target and message.

- Always have more Agents per the number of protesters, and more
nonlethal options of control available.when nonlethal options were
ineffective, they could use lethal force or retreat

Things the Feds did "right":

- Keep the lid on the protest from being aired favorably on the big 4 networks

- Use a so-called Conservative to gently move the populace away from
the natural course of events

- Back down when the news of the sordid Harry Reid affair became public

Protesters can learn a few tips to deal with this:

- Bring HF radios with Packet capability to get the news out (just one
digitized image can change the world)

- Find or make alternate routes to protest sites that skirt roadblocks

- Bring quad-copter drones for over-the-horizon video feeds

- Wear tazer resistant conductive vests

- Use ultrasonic sirens to disorient attack dogs

- Use encrypted frequency-hopping radios like Trisquare

- Use WildBlue or Hughesnet on VPN to transmit LIVE video

- Have a an information clearing house and media arm outside of the
area of protesting operating 24 X 7

- Have an aggressive media plan on who to contact, a list of
alternative and main stream media personalities

- Flesh out possible scenarios and sequels to the conflict; develop
response plans AHEAD of the Federales.

- Don't be deceived; prayer had a positive effect on this situation.
The original impetus for the Harry Reid connection came to a member of
the alternative media in the middle of the night as an intuition.

- That Harry Reid revelation completely disrupted the Fed's OODA loop
- salvation may come from unexpected events - don't give up!

- The Feds are not God. They are not All Seeing and All Knowing and
All Powerful. They are fast becoming All Evil, however.

- Most of the Federal enforcers on the ground, don't really want to be
there. So a bigger emphasis should be placed upon winning them over,
rather than fighting them.

- A group of radio enthusiasts who can monitor local radio
transmissions via scanner and on-line scanner feed sites

- Drone detection technologies [link to (secure)]

- An independent support organization needs to be set up per region -
think meals-on-wheels. A trailer with everything needed to feed
hundreds of protesters. Propane burners and pots to cook food, tables,
water, generator, medical kits, etc. Like the Red Cross for Patriots.
Not connected with the protest but supporting.

Apr 14, 2014

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