Hey Guys, I want to give you an update...I went to Save A Lot today to follow my own advice .I picked up the last of the Banquet Hams ...4lbs for $7.99. I shared the four that they had with a friend and will be canning the 2 that I kept. Gary the Butcher came out to talk to me. I was looking for the breakfast sausage patties in a box they had none. He told me he was expecting a shipment tomorrow, but no promises on what will be on the truck. He told me that he was told today by his boss that things were even worse then they thought. OK let me say that again...THINGS WERE EVEN WORSE THEN THEY THOUGHT... I asked if he could put 3 boxes of sausage back for me, I would be there to get them in the am, he said yeah if we get them in. In other words he can order things but has no idea what he will get.. OK, folks please listen this is BAD. When a butcher tells me his company is stretching things to the limit to help people, when he tells me he has no idea what will be coming in, when he tells me things are worse than people are saying, it's BAD. I have seen the mark up for there meat at times it's only a few cents a pound, no one does that to help folks any more. Save A Lot does, good for them.If a store is not near you, google their site put in your zip, you never know it may be worth a trip,,,,... Please people, buy what you can, can what you can.. Listen to your Watchmen, time is running out, there is only a small window left. I feel it in my spirit. Go to you prayer closet, ask GOD what you need, he will show you. If it is on sale buy it, for example, Ingel's has White Lilly corn meal, if you buy 5 its only 1.75 for 5 pounds...GMO free too. Seek and ye shall find. Please I am begging my brother's and sister's in Christ, please do what you can. Do not take the mark!!!!! We are being told at one of the most holiest times of year....Please stay well and safe my brother...Joy

Apr 14, 2014

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