Well Guys, I hate to tell you this but here's the deal. I called my butcher today at Save A Lot to ask if the Swaggerty sausage patties came in they did so I took a run into town. I was a little miffed that the price went up from 7.99 to 8.99 but I grabbed some anyway.Gary the butcher came out to say Hi . I asked what did he mean when he told me things were worse than they thought. He said the price of all pork will more than double in a few weeks. Folks, did you hear that more than double. So with that piece of good news I thought since I am in town let me see if Food Country USA has any deals. I was able to grab a pork loin that was priced 3.49 but because of the date on it I asked the butcher if he could take some off and he did,I paid 1.99 a pound. This butcher did not hear of prices going up on pork but told me to expect beef to double. At the check out I asked the cashier if she heard anything she said yes. That her fiancee was the meat manager and he said the price of pork will double and bacon will more than double..Well there you have it..PLEASE PLEASE, Listen to Steve and Hawk and others now is the time to prepare, Stock up on supplies, canning equipment, don't forget the extra canning lids an old timer told me there was a shortage of lids in the 1970's. If it happened then it could happen again. Buy things in glass jars they last longer and then you can use the jars to can in.My favorite are jelly and spaghetti sauce jars. DO NOT TAKE THE MARK !!!!! Prepare in earnest. Can't you see they are letting us know the grid will go down, and they are doing this in many ways. Remember what these folks in the field told me not months but prices will DOUBLE IN A FEW WEEKS..Just pay attention to what's going on, take all this info to the Lord in prayer ask what you need to do ask for doors to open to make things possible. Listen to our brothers in CHRIST. Turn off the TV and turn on to GOD...Thank you Steve and Hawk for all your hard work may GOD Bless you and keep safe...Joy

Apr 15, 2014

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