NWO Constitution You've Seen It But Many Haven't And You Can See Them Implementing It Daily In The News

Dear Mr. Quayle;

I know that you've seen all of this many years ago. However many have not, or have forgotten completely about it. About 20 or so years ago I had several copies of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth...The One World Government constitution. My copies had the signatures of the original signers, leaders from all around the world. Much of what we see going on now, including downsizing the US military and increasing the world court, UN military forces, disarming the people, controlling population, etc. are all mentioned. The wording sounds benign, but so did the Soviet constitution, where all rights were guaranteed accept where prohibited by law...which was easily written in later. Here are links in English and Spanish. You might consider passing them on as a reminder. It's been very interesting over the years to watch them implement the above general guide lines, especially during the present administration. It is overtly obvious with the present BLM land grabs to remove the population from national forests, federal lands, wilderness areas, what ever you want to call them, as well as registration and removal of civilian firearms, as well as food control, etc.

God bless always in His service.JDF

Apr 16, 2014

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