Dear Brother Greg,

Grace and peace! I just listened to you and Steve on the Hagmann's broadcast. WOW!!! What a powerful show. You both covered soooo many subjects. Great job! Please know that we will be praying for your mother. She is a pearl in the eyes of the Lord! Here is a word the Lord gave me on 08/10/2012:

"For all that of old that you have heard
Shall NOW come upon the earth as a swift bird;
Darkness shall come as you approach the end of the year
For nations shall be covered with fear.
The seals are breaking fast
And the cup of iniquity overflows at last
For My warnings to America have fallen on deaf ears
And now men shall choke on their own tears.
Because they have rejected My life
Soon they shall eat of the fruits of their own strife.
The streets shall become graves in the night
But you must prepare to hold your place without fright.
By November hidden deceptions will become clear as water
And chaos shall begin the slaughter.
From the skies shall come a sign
With My Kingdom will it's time to align.
Pillage and plunder shall come to the cities and towns
And the enemy shall try to take away your crowns.
The East and West shall see My hand,
And who shall escape the mystery in the middle of the land?
They have mocked My Word and My Name;
Did they think My judgments are a game?
Stand up My prophets and cry aloud in boldness;
For I now judge America's coldness.
The blood of the innocent cries aloud before My throne
But now in great power comes the little stone.
For My hand shall come swift against your sin
I gave you time to enter in.
But in your filth you chose your course
Now see the Revelation horse.
The angels of correction now ride fast and hard
America, you have played your final card.
Did I not call you out oh land of the Eagle?
I called you to be holy, royal and regal!
But you forsook Me for idols and pleasure above all;
Now I will bring you down to barely crawl.
Let tears come to the eyes of My watchmen
For the time of reaping of your national sin.
For the FULNESS of evil shall now play out
As your heart oh America is ever so stout.
I have sent My prophets to warn
But your heart was only one of scorn.
From Hollywood to the White House shall you now see
All of Satan's plans he has for thee.
Did I not call you to come out of her and repent?
But you still reject the watchmen and prophets I have sent.
Because you chose to eat of the pleasures of sin
You shall now find My judgments on your food supply within.
You have opened your borders to the foreign order
Now you shall see the enemy surround every border.
The terrorists shall soon arise from their posts
And you shall see the dirty bombs and terrors from the sky come to your coasts.
The man in your capital house shall now show his true face
As you see him greet those of a fallen AND foreign race.
Many saints shall soon be hunted as prey;
But in My secret place they now must stay.
What must we do cries those of a hearing ear
I will show My elect My supernatural protection the end of this year.
For at the end of the year and in 2013 you will see the weakness of your nation
But I warn you not to give place to deception and frustration.
Perilous times you will go through
Never can it be the same for the red, white and blue.
Oh major cities of every nation
You are about to see the worst destruction since creation.
The controllers shall soon openly show their arrogant plan
Upon the screens and radios they shall taunt every man.
Creatures "of the night" shall be among you commonly in the day
But I will give My elect the power to make them their prey.
People will begin to disappear in the night season
Oh your government knows well the reason.
I will make the month of December
A time for the whole world to remember.
The feathers of the Great Eagle shall be stripped this Fall
And Lady Liberty shall never again stand tall.
Baby George and others before him paved the way
Now Obama shall see his day.
JFK was the last true man for a truly white house bold and free
All those that followed did not have a TRUE heart for Me...

Aug 29, 2012

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