4/22/14- I saw and personally video'd BLM tactical teams in Las Vegas tonight-preparing to raid the Bundy's

After listening to your amazing show with Steve and Dave tonight, I heard some scuttlebutt about Park Rangers and BLM agants amassing here in Vegas where I live to raid the Bundy Ranch at a moments notice. I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran and I worked as a private Investigator before entering the army as a parachute rigger for the 82nd airborne division in july of 2001.
Sorry, I digress, I journeyed over to the Courtyard Marriott on Convention Center Drive to see if this was nonsense. I couldn't get into the parking garage initially because it's gated off and you must be aguest there to enter. So I park and enter, and at 9pm there were around a dozen of what I could recognize as tactical field agents. I decided to get a cup of water, bag of chips, and sit close by and listen...
I began to hear stories about breaching homes and being shot at with the new director of rangers, somewhere in california. I couldn't help myself so I inconspicuously shot some footage of the boys in their civvies, then went to the parking garage where all of their marked and unmarked suv's, trucks, and cars are parked on the lower level.
Is this conclusive of them amassing to go to the Bundy Ranch? Not 100%, however it does seem odd to me that the Park Ranger Service would send their tactical teams skilled in breach and entry to Vegas where they can easily stage an offensive nearby. I know from experience you don't send in the hit squad unles you're ready to accomplish the objective effectively.
Feel free to respond or call if you would like the video, or to come back with me... This cannot be allowed to escalate to the point of blood shed, these men and women need to be witnessed to my brother. Russ

Apr 22, 2014

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