Legalized Psychological Warfare- NDAA - legal to psyop Americans using the media - explains Boston. Sandy Hook. etc


I was listening to an April 25th radio program by Pete Santilli. At about 155 minutes into the program, it was mentioned that the NDAA provided for the government, with support from the media, can legally do psychological operations against the people of the United States. The conversation was about the current situation at the Bundy Ranch.

But light bulbs started going off for me at a much higher level.

They are using the NDAA to enlist support of the media, as well as the crisis actors being used, in such operations as the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook. They have actually LEGALIZED running FAKE disasters to scare the American people. It is clear they have been doing this before the NDAA, but they have now put it into so-called law!

This would include the disinformation shills on the internet, operations against targeted individuals, disruption of communications including phone service and internet, and of course much more.

That makes operations like the Boston bombing an act of war against the American people in violation of the Constitution.

I imagine I should have understood this from the beginning. You may have made this point yourself, but in all the exposés of the fake events - I never heard anyone discuss the connection to the NDAA (except as it pertained to murders like Breitbart). I never heard anyone say it is 'legally' sanctioned behavior. TPTB sure don't want us to know these are staged events.

radio program (about 155 minutes in)

NDAA Legalizes Propaganda

Smith-Mundt Act

God Bless you Steve

Apr 27, 2014

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