It will come swiftly. It will come fast. It will happen in the twinkling of an eye. It will come and it is almost here NOW.

I have listened to you for many years now. I have read your books and watched the news with open eyes in light of people such as yourself and others who have been deligent watchmen for those who have had open ears to listen. In light of all of this, I knew the day would come that the book would be open (so to speak) and the words of the Lord would be played into fruition before our very eyes.

Feelings have come and gone. Dreams have floated in and out of my sleep that have directed me to the destination and scenery to what will be the "end of days". I have never known the day nor the hour in which these will be revealed and no longer ingored.

But something has whisperd itself into my soul. The feeling in my soul is like a scratch on a glass surface that is very faint but still there. My soul tells me that the day is VERY quickly approaching that my studies will come to pass. What is odd is that this feeling is different than the many other times I have felt this. It is like faint scream in a silent crowd but you cannot narrow down the source. Steve, it is about to happen. The truth is about to manifest itself. I do not know if it is the Holy Spirit, my intuition or something more allusive, but we are truly standing on the edge of a very large cliff that many have warned about, but there are no more exits.

It will come swiftly. It will come fast. It will happen in the twinling of an eye. It will come and it is almost here NOW. The faint shadow in my gut tells me it will be overwhelming and far reaching. I feel like I am in a movie and the last preview of coming attractions has ended and the show is about to begin. I wish I could express more clearly this feeling I have but it is definatley nothing like I have ever before. This is the first time I have told anyone this.

Lord help us all....Jesus save us...on your knees people: REPENT. History is about to change for the worst.
Men's hearts will fail them but many will be deceived to the consequences of the events to come and be fooled into a whole new, subtly-Satanic systems upon the earth, in the name of progress and change.

Apr 30, 2014

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