Footprints in the sand, footprints in the snow
Footprints are left on all the paths where men go
Footprints are found on the mountains men climb
Our footprints are found in the records of time.

Footprints are found at the scene of a crime
They mark out a path a delineating sign
Some footprints are quite short and others quite long
Telling that men have come and where they have gone.

History records it and it seems rather odd
That there are footprints of giants who were mistaken for gods.
The foolish ignore them pretending they do not exist
Yet the impressions are there, the evidence persists.

Footprints that tell of a race alien to us
Footprints telling a story left in the dust
A story that is scoffed, ridiculed and jeered
What if the makers of those prints are still here?

Following footprints can be on occasion enlightening
While following some can lead to the frightening
There are footprints that lead to where blood was spilled
Up a rough rocky mountain where redemption was sealed.

If I have left footprints the places I’ve been
What do they reveal my faith or my sin?
I will follow the footprints of the one I esteem
They lead to a place where I am redeemed.

At the end of my life when my steps are retraced
Only one path is preserved because of grace the rest are erased
Footprints are left in the dust of earth’s sod
I choose to follow the footprints of God.

What footprints and path will you choose to follow?
If giants left footprints on the hills and in hollows
If they are waiting in hiding and ready to strike
What hope will you have against men of such might?

There is a path that is narrow and straight
The footprints left there lead through a gate
Only a few will ever find it but inside it’s safe
Choose carefully your steps before it’s too late.

By Randy Conway

May 4, 2014

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