To all the TBP shit throwing monkeys, I have a few messages:JIM QUINN

“I shall return.”
“I have not yet begun to fight.”
“I should have ducked.”
I am currently hunkered down in a bunker beneath TBP Central as predator drones circle overhead waiting for me to show myself. The website has been under a relentless denial of service attack since Thursday afternoon. The site is being inundated with over 3 million hits per day that make it impossible for anyone, including myself, from getting onto the site.

I’ve been at the mercy of incompetent IT help desk drones from my server company who have failed to solve my issues. They are unable and unwilling to take the necessary steps to protect my site from attack. I have been put in touch with some very helpful, like-minded people, by fellow liberty loving bloggers who believe in free speech and dissent.

I’m currently having the site migrated to a private server run by someone who values the truth and believes we can’t let the evil bastards win. We should have TBP back up and running sometime this week. If you think I was pissed off before, wait until I come back. Anyone who would attack my site for this long must not like what I have to say. That means I’m hitting a nerve. Ideas matter in this world. If we can change enough minds, we can take this country back. The establishment will continue to try and censor the truth and subvert any website that dares to challenge the status quo.

I’m just a guy with no IT skills, limited financial resources, and a keyboard. I won’t be surrendering to these bastards without a fight. But in the meantime, in the immortal words of Warren Zevon:

I'm a desperate man

Send lawyers, guns and money

The shit has hit the fan

May 6, 2014

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