I knew Russian Spetsnaz forces were supposed to be in the country and now I have absolutely no doubt

They're Here! Yesterday, I stopped in at a business in a very small
northern Wisconsin town where I know the owner well. I stop in from "time
to time" just to chat with him. I always discuss things that happening in
our country as he is also aware of the situation we are all in. He then
told me of an experience that happened to him last fall when he was
scouting for a place to hunt prior to deer season. He was driving down an
old logging road when he came upon a fenced area with ten foot fences
topped with barbed wire. He attempted to turn around in the drive that was
there when two black SUV vehicles with blackened windows blocked him in. He
was approached by about ten or twelve young uniformed men all in their
early twenties. He did not recognize the uniforms and he said they all had
automatic weapons and spoke good English with a very slight accent. He also
said that they appeared to be in very good physical condition. The
supervisor was a little older, early to mid thirties, who then told him
that he must leave immediately. The supervisor then went away for a short
period of time and returned to call him by name. Very curious since he
hadn't identified himself to anyone. This is in upper Wisconsin and right
next to Lake Superior. I knew Russian Spetsnaz forces were supposed to be
in the country and now I have absolutely no doubt. He is a VERY reliable
person and an experience like this just could not be made up, especially
from him. He also stated that they had been given a four mile square area.
We have been sold out from within by the traitors in Washington, D.C.!
Regardless of the preparation you may, or may not, have made your ONLY
strength is going to be in God.
He is still very scared after this experience.

May 13, 2014

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