Steve, I corresponded with you about a month or two ago in reference to
survival issues. I'm writing you now after hearing you and Greg being on
the Hagmann's Show and Alex Jones. I must get to the point for I know that
you are a very busy man. The Hour indeed does grow short. Everything is
coming to a major head. I have been involved in covert/clandestine
intelligence on the paranormal level. After being in the dark for some time
in terms of contact with my command, I was informed by my closest friend
and CO that our Team/Project has been effectively shut down permanently.
Ours was a Divine mission and we have been disbanded by POTUS and his
masters. Our Teams founder has been effectively placed under house arrest
for charges that are unknown. Another has been deported. Another is MIA.
Another has been discharged. All of us are Commissioned Officers. Men and
Women of God and the Service. I have been out for a number of years, but I
have been on the "consulting" side since 05'. I am a Marine Veteran and I
know what we face. We dealt with the fight against the Darkness and we have
lost, at least in the temporary. Now, it boils down to survival. I too am a
Watchman. We know the man in power is an imposter. We fought the evils out
there. My specialty was Temporal Investigations and gave accurate
projections of the Fall of the Republic, Petrus Romanus, the Middle East,
and other things that goes bump into the night. I have been scarred
spiritually and have witnessed the horrors out there. The things we could
talk about, but I digress. The point I am making is that you, Greg, and
Doug and the others are right on the mark. I am racing as fast as I can to
get prepared. I'm not even close to achieving my goals in that manner, but
I am not giving up. Being a part of the Team/Project had cost me my
marriage and kids, yet I defend them fiercely from what is to come. I
educate my ex-wife on the things that are to come and she is frightened,
yet she is not a Daughter of God, but she is coming around. I help provide
hope to a small group of friends of what is to come and they are
frightened. They are also stout. They look to me for leadership and I am
doing my best. I pray for guidance and a little time to get personally
prepared and to prepare my family. Sometimes, I feel like I have lost my
mind with the level of info that I know. It's bloody well heavy Steve. My
access to info has been effectively cut, so I rely on my "talents" and
prayer to see what is to come. You are equally right about the Red, Blue,
and Green lists. I was also informed by my CO that both him, a former
teammate, and myself are on the Red List. Someone has my mark and it'll be
a race against time when the balloon goes up. On another note, I have a
friend that's a civvie working in Af/Pak at Bagram and he informed me that
they are 95% in the dark about what's happening here in the homefront. It's
all be carefully plotted out. I pray for sanity and the strength to
maintain my vigilance. I am scared, but I am more angry than anything else
at the level of evil that has swept through out country. Atheism is on the
rise here. The Old Republic is now a Remnant. I really wish people will
wake the hell up, because Hell is coming hard, fast, and heavy. Be at peace
Steve. May the Grace of the Living God be upon you and yours as with all
the Watchmen and the People. The Low Desert here will become a warzone, due
to our close proximity to the Mexican Border. I doubt the people here will
be fully ready, but there are those of us read to fight and go SERE if it
comes down to it. The levels of Modern Warfare will be used to the maximum.

Anyway. God be upon you. I ask of you to pray for my ex-wife and my two
little girls in the hopes that her eyes will be open to the Glory of God
and His Son Jesus and that she would believe in what I have been telling
her. I need her head in the game, I can only do so much. Pray for me Steve
in that I will have time to get the gear and emergency supplies for them so
that I can get them out, because I will be staying behind to fight and
teach as my duty as a Watchman. God bless.

Aug 30, 2012

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