I Have Observed strange things with Organic Produce/Health Chaos -We had some organic oranges that rotted within days and gave off such toxic fumes we were almost overcome from the odor of the mold on them

Just to substantiate the last Qalert. I too have observed very strange rotting of perfect Organic Produce. We bought Organic pears the other day at Safeway, got them home and the NEXT DAY they were totally brown and black from rot. Many Organic Apples are doing the same thing and rotting from the inside out with appearances that are TOTALLY unnatural. Bananas are beyond strange. They appear to have injection sites that cause internal rot. Much of our expensive Organic produce is being lost.
We had some organic oranges that rotted within days and gave off such toxic fumes we were almost overcome from the odor of the mold on them. I think they are creating some sort of GMO toxic fungus or mold that causes this. I think if we eat the produce before the rot or mold shows, the fungus or molds are carried into the digestive system causing who knows what. I am currently suffering from severe abdominal digestive pain and disruption. Something is really messing with my colon. I have been life flighted to a bigger hospital after my local hospital was completely stumped by what was happening. When I was on the plane the EMT people were puzzeled who the ER doctor was. He was a loaner from the Airforce. When I got there he was filling out Airforce reports. Over eight others were put through Contrast Dye CT's with the same symptoms. My local hospital gave me two pain shots for tranport. When I went to the bigger hospital after they found nothing wrong they gave me the strongest morphine shot they can give even though I was not complaining of pain. I was Knocked out for 3 hrs. When I awoke the Air Force Doctor said I was released to return home, No explanation. We requested the medical files and the files have nothing about the morphine nor any treatment during the 3 hrs I was out. Two days ago the pain was back in the colon. I went again to the ER at local hospital. The people in the ER were real militaristic with no personality and worked as if they were performing by a script. More tests, more Exrays--NOTHING. They gave me a pain med and released me again with no explanation. I think they know what is really going on but keeping it from us. Food is now a problem. I can no longer eat dairy, most meats and fresh salads or I end up in the ER with 10 level pain and they treat me like this is normal. After my insurance was cancelled due to ObamaCare I now have $50,000 in medical bills in 45 days. I am now financially ruined. I am so dibilitated I can not work.

May 16, 2014

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