The snoops are changing vehicles after being discovered, NOTE:there can be only one purpose for these surveillance tactics they are feeding data in real time for our demise!

Hello Bother,

I have noticed that the snoopy fellows have changed to less conspicous older vehicles. Now it has been 52 years since I was honorably discharged. There is no justification for spying on me period unless of course it is because I am a gun owner, strong christian, do not watch television, read a lot, study history, keep my computer cameras covered and, of course, visit your web site and several others daily.

What I am seeing locally are older trucks, and small older suv's. This morning I saw a vehicle across the pasture and the driver was standing beside the truck using binoculars looking at the rear of my property. I raised the blinds, gave him the middle finger salute where upon he jumped into his truck turned around and sped away.

My thought some of the more organized folks should set these fellows up and deal with them before they try to work against us.

Just my thoughts.


May 16, 2014

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